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The Orange Opera

Sometimes, the best of things come from the most unlikely of places. Who would have thought a wellspring of world-class pop-rock would gush forth from a ho-hum city in the Midwestern U.S., not exactly renowned for its musical output? Here’s the exception that proves the rule: great music can emerge from the most humble of locales. The Orange Opera channels a classic vibe, enriched with some stellar signposts of early ’70s rock, driven by the uncanny songcraft of Kevin Hambrick (guitar, piano, lead vocal) and propelled by bassist Bryan Brubaker, guitarist Michael Ostermeyer, guitarist Zach Smith , and drummer Kevin Hockaday. This combo melds modern energy with vintage vibe to produce the kind of distinctive, catchy, smart and infectious sound that you recognize immediately: it simply belongs in your ears. Imagine bits of Beatles and Badfinger melodic magic mingling with ELO and Wilco, and you’ve barely scratched the surface. The Orange Opera is one of those essential bands that you hear once and realize that, yeah, maybe there’s hope for pop music after all.2007 has been a great year for the band. Early in the year they played at Fort Wayne, IN’s venerable Embassy Theater to an appreciative crowd of over 1,800. A stretch of opening gigs for great bands followed, including outstanding shows with The Teeth (from Park the Van Records) and Apollo Sunshine. Upon the completion of a highly successful southern U.S. tour, The Orange Opera returned to their hometown in August and were awarded 1st place in Whatzup Magazine’s highly competitive 2007 Battle of the Bands. An October 7 appearance with national act Dr. Dog (also on Park the Van Records) at Fort Wayne’s Sunset Hall promises to add yet another highlight to The Orange Opera’s year.

Quick update from the last 7 years:
Since the show with Dr. Dog, the Opera made multiple runs east and west. Next made their first appearance on Daytrotter. Continued to play with more national acts such as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr./Buried Beds/The High Strung/Floating Action and many more. 2009 they released the ep "Ant Muscle" and in 2010 released another full length "Year of the Beard". in 2011they were honored to be asked to play with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic to perform "Day in the Life" and their own tune "Weary Nights". In 2013 they played the Embassy again performing the music of Billy Joel for a tribute. 2014 is shaping up nicely with an opening spot for legendary band Cheap Trick July 11 at this years Three Rivers Festival.......stay tuned for more info...